DRY AIR HIRE FIVE offers a viable alternative to compressed air equipment purchase with added benefits for long-term compressed air requirements for a 5-year period. Industrial compressed air is often regarded as the ‘fourth utility’ and therefore the demand for ultimate reliability & optimum efficiency is the number one priority. DRY AIR HIRE FIVE offers these benefits which are outlined below...


DRY AIR HIRE FIVE offers a fixed budgeting solution for all compressed air equipment, installation, commissioning, equipment service & breakdown support for 5 years. It provides a viable alternative to capital purchase of compressed air equipment, giving you a fixed monthly cost for five years. This is a key benefit to calculating cost of production and can be allocated, with accuracy, to the overall running costs of your business. Service costs of your compressed air equipment will vary depending upon the service type is carried out in-line with manufacturers recommendations, however DRY AIR HIRE FIVE incorporates a service plan which includes all servicing with the costs spread over the duration of hire period, avoiding any un-anticipated equipment service costs.


Both breakdown costs & down time in production caused by compressed air equipment fault is both inconvenient and expensive. With DRY AIR HIRE FIVE you can say goodbye to these issues. Only brand new, reliable and energy efficient HPC compressed air equipment is supplied when choosing this agreement which will be covered by us should there be any faults with the equipment causing down-time. If we can’t repair the equipment upon first visit, a temporary machine will be installed until the issue is resolved. There will be no additional costs whatsoever for the duration of the hire period.

NO hidden costs, NO Restrictions, NO previous claim penalties… Just peace of mind.


DRY AIR HIRE FIVE requires no capital purchase. Purchasing quality, energy efficient compressed air equipment can be a costly proposition for any company and is often required at the most inconvenient time. There is no up-front payment required as all costs are built in to a single monthly payment. Equipment hire (from an accounting perspective) can be treated as an overhead which in-turn can also provide financial benefits.


Demand for compressed air can often increase as your company grows. With DRY AIR HIRE FIVE, should this happen, we will grow with you. If demand increases for either quantity and / or quality of compressed air, you can simply ‘upgrade’ your system to accommodate this. This will not incur any additional charged to the current DRY AIR HIRE FIVE agreement, a new agreement will simply be offered.


As the end of the 5-year hire agreement approaches, we will assess your compressed air requirements going forward and schedule a convenient time to replace your current compressed air equipment, with brand new, state of the art equipment. This will renew your DRY AIR HIRE FIVE agreement for a further 5 years. This also comes with added service cost savings which can be illustrated once we know your compressed air demand cycle.