Compressed Air Quality

If your business uses an air compressor, then it is important that you are aware of its compressed air quality. Compressed air is used across a wide range of industries, all of which require different quality air.

Here at TCAS we're familiar with industry standards. This means we can make an informed recommendation about your air quality. So, if you already have a compressor, we can test its current air and make recommendations accordingly. Alternatively, if you need a new machine, we can make sure it meets the necessary quality. We can test your air equipment to both ISO 8573 as making sure it is safe for breathing.

As well as testing air initially, it is important that the air is regularly checked. This helps ensure that contaminants are not introduced at a later stage. In some of the worst cases, contaminants can be introduced that are dangerous for workers to inhale. As an employer, you have a duty of care to your employees. So, it is important you have you air quality checked regularly. As part of our air compressor service we can check you’re the quality of your air to ISO 8571. This is an internationally recognised standard.

If you concerned about your air quality, please get in touch. We will talk to you about your usage and make recommendations based on the level of air quality that you require.