Compressed Air Treatment

Here at TCAS, we can supply a range of compressed air treatment products. When it comes to compressed air, the actual compressor is just part of the system. There are other components that need to be incorporated into the system for it to function as efficiently as possible. One of these components is something to treat the air. If you wish to be compliant with ISO B573-1, air treatment is essential. Problems with untreated air include water or oil in the air as well as leftover condensate.

Here at TCAS we can implement a filtration or dryer into your compresses air system. These provide ideal air treatment, protecting your machinery and improving its overall efficiency.

Air treatment via filtration helps to remove any particles within the air such as water and oil. With the correct filter, impurities such as bacteria, dust, odours and vapours can also be removed from the air. Air treatment and filtration is particularly important in areas that need hygienic conditions. This includes the food and beverage industry, as well as pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Furthermore, dryers work to remove excess water from the system. Water can cause a great deal of damage to your compressed air system, whether it is in its liquid of vapour phase. Removing excess water promotes an efficient and hygienic system as it reduces the chance of corrosion, freezing and bacteria growth.

Finally, using your compressed air system may cause condensate to form. This condensate typically contains a percentage of oil, so is considered a pollutant. As such, the condensate must be treated before being disposed of in order to be compliant with legislation. We can supply condensate management equipment to your system, keeping you compliant.

For more information about our air treatment products, please get in touch. We can talk through your application and environment to recommend the best equipment for you.